Mochi-Circle Social Media Site (2020)

Github Front-End Link

Github Back-End Link

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This is a social media site done by a small team. More detailed information about the project itself can be found on github. My responsibilities were the following:

  • Created a system for logging in which utilizes the Flux design pattern.
  • Developed a toggle-able register form.
  • Added functionality for resetting your password.
  • Made a verification system for new users using PostgreSQL and Java’s Mail API.
  • Styled the navigation bar to better fit our site’s theme.
  • Drew the mascot for the site as well as added the SCSS styling which animates him.
  • Initially applied Spring ORM to our back end.
  • Tested the back end using JUnit.

I personally loved working on this project. It was the first time I had properly implemented React-Redux in a project. It was also fun working on the styling as well; huge fan of gradients if you couldn’t tell. Also my team was the best! After this project I learned that I prefer smaller teams since the communication was so strong. I always knew what the other members were working on, not to mention that we were constantly helping each other out with various issues. Big props to Steven, Carlo, Tucker and Chris.