Client Engagement Portal (2020)

Github Front-End Link

Github Back-End Link

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This is a web application to map batches of Revature associates with client who may be interesting in hiring them. The photos above are markups/wireframes I created for each page I was responsible for. More detailed information about the project itself can be in the github links above. My responsibilities were the following:

  • As one of the Style Captains I kept the SCSS consistent throughout the front end.
  • Drew mock ups for each of the client pages.
  • Created the logo for this application as an .svg file.
  • Encrypted the database url, username, and password on the back end using Jasypt.
  • Created the “batch cards” which represent the individual batches tied to a client.
  • Implemented a “batchstate” using the Flux design pattern to temporarily store batch data in the store.
  • Gathered data from our mock-up database to populate the “batch cards” I created.
  • Allowed information about a specific batch populate the fields of our “batch view” page.
  • Tested my front end React components using Enzyme and Jest.
  • Kept track of the application’s progress using GitHub’s “projects” tab and Asana.

This project, like all of them really, was a great learning experience. While I was very focused on the front-end in my mochi circle project, this project let me go wild. I became very familiar with React, typescript, and git by the end of it. While communication wasn’t as strong as it was was working in a smaller team, using githubs “projects” management board system and Asana were very helpful.