“Cool Title” The Game (2019)

Click Here to Download the Game (Windows 10 Required & CPU Intensive)


This was the 2nd game that I coded entirely using Java using the Processing sketch program. The objective in this game is to form a long video-game title by collecting as many “cool” words as possible. You control a character using the arrow keys as they collect actual words or fake, made-up words. All while avoiding the nerdy glasses that are occasionally thrown at you. If you get hit twice by those glasses it’s game over. At that point you’re given a low coolness score. Otherwise you’ll get a much higher score by collecting either 7 or 8 words (depends on the length).

I had a lot of fun making this game, but I gotta say that Processing 3.0+ is a program that is definitely not designed to handle 3D games. It was very challenging to optimize the performance.